Lenza Eye Center - Wilsonville, OR


September 19, 2018  by   Kevin O.

Well set up first exam. Very thorough in approach.

September 10, 2018  by   Seann F.

Fantastic service. You guys are awesome!

September 05, 2018  by   Rita W.

Timely, friendly, answered my questions. Explained what he was doing throughout the process. Very well run establishment

August 28, 2018  by   Elizabeth S.

My appoint ran late but the doctor and staff never made me feel rushed. They were all very friendly and helpful!

August 28, 2018  by   Gina S.

Very personable staff and the doctor was thorough.

August 23, 2018  by   Roy S.

Everyone was very professional and the Optometrist explained each step and the results observed. I'd recommend them.

August 22, 2018  by   Alicia S.

I was able to make an appointment to be seen the next day, and with Saturdays availability its extremely convenient to make time and go in.

July 29, 2018  by   Greg T.

The staff was helpful and friendly. They answered all my questions and were very professional.

July 29, 2018  by   Lynda A.

Best experience anywhere.

June 03, 2018  by   Marye S.

We are very happy with the vision testing we have had with Lenza.

May 20, 2018  by   Courtney J.

Great experience. Helpful, friendly staff.

May 19, 2018  by   Cindy T.

The best glasses I have had in years!! Service was excellent. Very knowledgeable staff and physician. The best ever!!

May 06, 2018  by   Tony C.

Great experience! Helpful staff and the process was simple.

May 01, 2018  by   Brian P.

I really appreciated Cole and his follow up when I asked about my daughter’s prescription being honored by the manufacturer. Great job making my daughter feel comfortable during her eye exam.

April 06, 2018  by   Kenji C.

Very happy with overall service. Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

April 04, 2018  by   Tammy R.

Great Service!

April 03, 2018  by   Bradley S.

I appreciate the fast and friendly service. Plenty of appointment times that were reasonably soon.

February 14, 2018  by   Mark P.

The doc was great. Diagnosed the issue and fixed the problem. What more can be asked?

February 11, 2018  by   Carol W.

Was treated very nicely by the staff and the doctor was super nice and did a good job informing me on all the details.

February 06, 2018  by   Jamie F.

Great experience.

September 25, 2017  by   Wanda W.

from the minute I walked in the door the staff was so great. The doctors explained everything so I totally understood the findings and my prescription. I was so happy with all the results that I won't miss my reminder exams and will look forward to them. Thank you for the excellent care I was given.

September 17, 2017  by   Anonymous

Eye test was easy and pleasant. Dr. was great!

September 17, 2017  by   Terry M.

Dr. Iburg and all the staff were wonderful, professional and kind. I was very impressed with the service and I would recommend this place.

August 27, 2017  by   Richard J.

Had great experience with Dr. Alsheikh. He was very thorough and efficient. He explained everything perfectly and is monitoring my vision issues.

August 26, 2017  by   William C.

Prompt and genuine helpfulness of all staff. Exceptional professionalism and close attention to detail in all exams and procedures. I appreciate the full and clear briefings. I will certainly continue to be a patient.

August 26, 2017  by   Anonymous

As a first time patient, I found all at the Lenza Eye Center great to work with and I appreciate Dr. Iburg, OD, addressing my questions thoroughly. There was no purchasing pressure at the end of my visit.

August 21, 2017  by   Manuel B.

Quick and professional.

August 14, 2017  by   Anonymous

enjoyed each visit as a first time user of contacts! The group support was in good spirits always!

August 01, 2017  by   Tammy V.

Dr Scott Iburg was outstanding. I got my new glasses, as a result of his exam, and they are the first glasses in a decade that I have been able to wear without seeing double!! He took the time to try lenses and prisims until he got it just right. Thank you Thank you! I will be in to get my others glasses changed to this new prescription, and I hope he is there in the future. Nice Job Dr. Scott (I know it's your first name but I'm old).

July 30, 2017  by   Jasyani F.

Great service, same day glasses. Helped my 4 year old learn everything she needed to know about caring for her new glasses!

July 24, 2017  by   Anthony B.

Dr. Iburg was friendly, courteous and helpful in the smallest detail. He has the ability to give information in a manner that draws the patient/client into interaction where the client feels that both the doctor and the client are a comfortable team progressing together toward a positive solution to any problem and/or reconciliation of the medical status quo. He was relaxed and professional at all times.

July 19, 2017  by   Anonymous

Dr. Iburg is one of the best eye doctors I've had in many years. He has a good reputation in the vision care field.

July 09, 2017  by   Anonymous

Everything went fairly smoothly. There was a lot going on that morning in the clinic and the doctor got called away in the middle of the exam, but he came right back. I feel that Dr. Iburg is knowledgeable and careful and did a complete exam of my eyes.

July 09, 2017  by   Randy M.

Dr. Oday Alsheik and his staff are great! They go above and beyond to be helpful and are very professional. I have a tricky set of eyes and need surgery for cataracts. I feel very safe and confident that all will go well.

July 05, 2017  by   Anonymous

I was very happy with the care I was given. both docs took time with me and I was a 6 pm appointment last of the day I'm sure and they cared for me as if I was the first patient!

June 21, 2017  by   Cynthia A.

Dr. Scott Iburg is professional and considerate. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Lenza under his care.

June 21, 2017  by   Seth D.

The best experience I've had getting contacts or glasses yet!! I've already referred a ton of friends since they carry my favorite brand, Nike!

June 17, 2017  by   Deborah P.

The staff were available and friendly. My questions were specific and they answered me professionally. Looking forward to going back!

June 12, 2017  by   Vincent F.

everything was ok.

May 31, 2017  by   Anonymous

Dr. Iburg and the staff are amazing. I highly recommend them. The only issue I have is that they do not have affordable alternatives on frames for people on a set budget.

May 18, 2017  by   Anonymous

Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Great selection of frames!

May 17, 2017  by   Cynthia A.

Doctor and his staff helpful and professional.

May 16, 2017  by   Gilbert A.

Excellent customer service!

May 05, 2017  by   Emerson R.

Had a great experience with amazing staff and a highly experienced Dr. Felt very comfortable and left with the best prescription I have had in years. A+ Service and piece of mind. Will gladly recommend!

May 04, 2017  by   Anonymous

Great, thoroughly conducted exam.

April 20, 2017  by   Brenda W.

I have been to many eye doctor's in the past but Lenza Eye Center is heads above the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will certainly be recommending this business and doctor to everyone I know.

April 17, 2017  by   Anonymous

Staff was very courteous.

April 13, 2017  by   Elizabeth H.

Everyone who works there was very friendly. The facility is very clean and has a cozy yet modern feeling to it.

April 08, 2017  by   Anonymous

The lobby was very hot when I arrived but eventually they turned on the AC. The Dr and staff were very courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

April 05, 2017  by   Nancy G.

Dr Iburg was very thorough and answered all my questions. Excellent visit!!

March 20, 2017  by   Anonymous

Dr. Iburg was great and thorough in his exam. The staff was helpful and quick to process our insurance and we got two new pairs of glasses finished 30 minutes after our appointment. They also have a great selection of frames to choose from.

October 09, 2016  by   Mignonne B.

Dr. Was super friendly, explained everything.

October 07, 2016  by   Heike H.

Robert was quick and polite in checking me in and efficiantly got all the preliminary testing Dr Kim took her time and explained everything, and my contact feel great and I can see so much better

September 26, 2016  by   Jennifer G.

I went for a regular eye exam. WOW they are the best! No puff! All the latest technology and super friendly staff. They make you feel like family. Dr. Kim was thorough and explained the test results in complete and simple terms. If you don't have an eye doctor,or even if you do, you should give them in a try. You won't be disappointed. I drove from the Lloyd Center area and it was well worth the drive. Best eye clinic experience ever!!!

September 17, 2016  by   Riley S.

As always, enjoyed our appointment at Lenza. Friendly staff, prompt service, great optometrist.

September 14, 2016  by   Anonymous

Great experience. Just like last time. Glasses fit great, and the world looks a lot better now.

September 04, 2016  by   Anonymous

I had a fantastic experience. The doctor was great, and the rest of the staff were cheerful, helpful, and very knowledgeable.

August 30, 2016  by   Scott W.

Very friendly staff Dr. Kim is great

August 30, 2016  by   Dominque J.

being a new patient there made me feel comfortable

August 28, 2016  by   Paul S.

Dr Kim is always so friendly and helpful. Sharing contact samples of brands I haven't used before looking for the best fit and vision. Other staff very friendly and helpful. Great service.

August 26, 2016  by   Robyn L.

Loving my glasses... I need to get down to the store and get them refitted as I have to strain my head upwards in order to see the computer screen but other than that I LOVE MY GLASSES!

August 26, 2016  by   Ethan P.

Excellent job and customer service. Both my daughter and I enjoyed our experience.

August 23, 2016  by   Jared F.

I am no longer blind

August 21, 2016  by   Anonymous

Dr. Kim and her staff were wonderful.

August 18, 2016  by   Fardous J.

I had excellent experience with clinic

August 16, 2016  by   Bradley H.

Great, friendly, knowledgable service. Very satisfied.

August 14, 2016  by   Robyn L.

Very knowledgeable. friendly and caring establishment. Wish I had come here a year ago. And one good thing is that they don't close down for lunch time as this is when most speople can come in and pick up their glasses.

August 14, 2016  by   Amy H.

Friendly staff. Excellent service. Knowledgeable and professional team.

August 06, 2016  by   Doug

This was the best eye exam and glasses buying experience that I have had in the Portland area. The staff were friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They completely explained the process to me as we went through it, making everything very clear. The facility was clean, bright, and modern, and the selection of frames was excellent. Finally, being open at the weekend was a major bonus. I recommend that you try Lenza for yourself.

August 04, 2016  by   Anonymous

Everyone there was nice and polite, I felt like I was important.

August 03, 2016  by   Allison C.

Words that come to mind when reviewing Lenza. Convenient, professional, friendly, thorough. My school-age daughter had her first eye exam and they made her feel at ease. I got a new pair of glasses at a great price. Everyone we dealt with from beginning to end was great to work with!

August 02, 2016  by   Anonymous

Excellent service. My exam was done elsewhere but I will have it done here next time. Robert was very helpful and patient in helping choose frames. I definitely will be back.

July 31, 2016  by   Nicola J.

I loved Dr. Kim and her colleague. This is the best optical store I've ever been to. Satisfied all my needs and gave me a very detailed exam. I will be a loyal customer as long as they keep the doors open. I highly recommend!

July 31, 2016  by   Paul S.

The only negative is that glasses are expensive with all the add ons, though not any more than my previous optometrist. What's great is the time they spend with you, the explanations, the expertise and thoroughness, their ability to use layperson terms, nice personalities, patience. Great experience getting new Rx and contacts, new glasses.

July 28, 2016  by   Alex A.

Dr. Kim was great! Very helpful and knowledgeable!

July 04, 2016  by   John Z.

Very pleased with the service I received on my new frames. There was a manufacturing defect so the screw would keep coming out. They were quick to repair and ultimately insisted on replacing them. I appreciate how they stand behind the quality.

July 01, 2016  by   Kristine G.

Fantastic!! Best eye exam I have ever had. Spent loads of time with me & explained everything.

June 25, 2016  by   Jonie M.

My experience here was awesome they tested for everything and got glasses I like it there is recommend this place. Very nice & friendly employees.

June 24, 2016  by   Amy T.

The employees are very friendly and very helpful.

June 23, 2016  by   Susan H.

Very impressed and very pleased with Dr Kim and staff. Great job!

June 14, 2016  by   Melika K.

Dr. Kim was very thorough with her exam and took time to explain all the options.

June 10, 2016  by   Anonymous

Overall the care was good. She went through every little thing explaining what they were. However, I really did not appreciate the multiple times she would push their glasses sale when I was purely their for contacts.

June 06, 2016  by   Anonymous

Great Service, Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable friendly, and very helpful! I would highly recommend them!

June 05, 2016  by   Kathleen H.

Wife had eye infection and was almost closing time. Got her in to see doctor and got the prescription she needed.

May 31, 2016  by   Kathryn R.

Technical difficulties resulted in some confusion when I came in for my appointment, but the Lenza staff were quick to fix the problem and were absolutely wonderful to work with. Dr. Kim and the Lenza staff were all very friendly, helpful, and professional.

May 30, 2016  by   David K.

Very professional, took the time to answer all my questions and offer options for addressing my issues. Would highly recommend their service to others.

May 27, 2016  by   Mary S.

Thank you for your great service and help.

May 27, 2016  by   James B.

Staff is awesome!

May 22, 2016  by   Vladislav L.

Great service and professionalism. Was treated by Dr Kim, will come back for more.

May 18, 2016  by   Jenny A.

Fantastic experience! Dr. Kim and the staff are very caring. They take their time with you; which is unusual in any medical practice. I would recommend them without reservation!

May 16, 2016  by   Willis M.

Dr. Kim is amazing.

May 15, 2016  by   Amy T.

As always I was well taken care of on my recent visit. Friendly employees are always ready to help.

May 12, 2016  by   Paula M.

Great experience all around! Knowledgeable. Friendly. Convenient hours. Great exam. Amazing selection of frames. Thanks Dr. Kim and Lenza Eye Center~!

May 11, 2016  by   Tyler B.

Dr. Kim was kind and helpful. Great experience!

May 09, 2016  by   Timothy M.

Excellent service. Professional. Knowledgeable. Glad we chose Lenza and Dr. Kim.

April 25, 2016  by   David G.

Scheduling our appointment was easy and open time slots were easily identified that met our needs. The staff Lenza was great to work with to identify the best solution for my personal eye care needs. Tiffany was very knowledgeable and did a great job of listening to my needs and hitting on all of my key points and answering all of my questions. The selection of frames was well presented and the team at Lenza was very helpful in presenting the pros and cons of each pair I was looking at. They never pushed to over sell anything and I felt very confident in the final decision I made with my selection. I would definitely recommend Lenza to anyone.

April 25, 2016  by   Larry M.

This was our first visit here and we loved it! The whole family will be using Lenza and Dr. Kim! The staff was helpful and friendly. They even went the extra mile by explaining step by step the exam process to my little brother who was very apprehensive about his upcoming (first) eye exam. Thank you!

April 25, 2016  by   Anonymous

All the staff was very helpful, kind, and accommodating. The clinic had a great atmosphere and felt very professional yet comforting. Selection of frames and glasses was great as well. Dr. Kim was very attentive, knowledgeable and explained everything very well. I would definitely recommend Lenza Eye Center!

April 24, 2016  by   Scott P.

The care and service I recieved from Lenza Eye Center was excellent . Dr Kim thank you so much for your professionalism and courtesy. Every one there was helpful . I will come back in the future .

April 21, 2016  by   Amy T.

They are all very friendly and eager to assist.

April 13, 2016  by   Anonymous

I am a fussy customer, but the people at Lenza took the time to get everything just the way I wanted it. I brought in my own weird frames that I bought online, and the laboratory technician was able to make the lenses fit perfectly. The front desk people had to deal with my outside optometrist who's as quirky as me, but they did it without complaining. Great service!

April 12, 2016  by   Anonymous

Dr. Kim and Rob were really great to work with my husband and I when we had some challenges getting used to our progressive lenses. They really helped to educate us both and took the time to ensure that we really felt comfortable. Because of the great attention they paid to both of us and our questions, we will continue to be patients at Lenza. Very kind, knowledgable and patient.

April 08, 2016  by   Anonymous

Wonderful experience.

April 02, 2016  by   Kayla C.

Awesome staff!

March 21, 2016  by   Anonymous

Everyone was so nice and I didn't feel rushed :) they listened to my concerns and helped me find a great pair of glasses

March 16, 2016  by   Vladislav L.

Timely and professional.

March 12, 2016  by   Anonymous

I went into Lenza for my eye exam and was very pleased with their friendly expedient customer service. I went back to pick out frames and was even more impressed with their service in helping me find the right style of frames (out of the many, many styles they have available) that I liked. It went much quicker than I expected, as was the turn around time to get my prescription. I have referred my wife, a friend, and will continue to tell everyone of there great service and selection of frames.

March 05, 2016  by   Elliott C.

Very happy with service. Very friendly and caring. Wonderful experience for first time glasses wearer. Staff very knowledgeable. Highly recommend to others!

March 02, 2016  by   John M.

Dr Kim was very professional and courteous. Robert, optician, was very helpful in choosing glasses. I did get a call that the glasses would cost more than they said at the appointment. A bit of a surprise but I am still happy with Lenza and the team.

February 24, 2016  by   David B.

Wonderful staff in caring doctor. I highly recommend these people for your eye care needs.

February 24, 2016  by   Ian G.

I thought Dr. Kim was very professional and personable, especially for being so young in her profession. I move around a lot and have been seen at different eye clinics, but I think Lenza has been the best so far. The combination of a great looking space and knowledgable and pleasant staff is great.

February 24, 2016  by   Anne B.

Great service! The facility is clean and sleek, there is a great variety of designer and affordable frames, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. Dr. Kim was great with asking the right questions and addressing the issue and making the visit as comfortable as possible. The communication methods work great for me. I appreciate the text reminders and found them to be convenient with confirming my appointment and notifying me of that my order was ready. This was my second year back to Lenza and I look forward to another visit in 2017. I highly recommend Lenza to be your primary vision provider!

February 20, 2016  by   Anonymous

Very friendly staff. I was disappointed that they did not follow up with me about sizing of a frame style I was inquiring. But overall I had a nice experience for my first exam.

February 15, 2016  by   David B.

Great doctor and support staff.

February 14, 2016  by   Anonymous

Great overall experience.

February 14, 2016  by   Anonymous

Quick and great service.

February 06, 2016  by   Kerri B.

Dr Kim was wonderful and very through with my exam, she answered all my questions and was very informational about the exam. I would have given 5 stars but I have not received my new glasses yet so we will see how they turn out, I am a little skeptical on how it went with the person helping me with that :)

February 05, 2016  by   Crystle R.

Dr Kim along with the entire staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and secure in my eye health screening.

February 02, 2016  by   Danika K.

This place is amazing for kids! And adults Dr kim is fantastic ;)

February 02, 2016  by   Anonymous


February 01, 2016  by   Christopher S.

Dr. Kim and staff were extremely professional and courteous. I was treated as if I were the only patient they had that day and received excellent care and service.

January 30, 2016  by   Jill R.

Dr. Kim and her staff were very personable and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back for future exams, glasses and contact needs. I will also recommend them to family and friends.

January 29, 2016  by   Harold H.

My appointment was Wed. at 9 you open at 8. The door was locked when I arrived at 9. I had to check on my cell to make sure I was correct about the day and time. I almost left. I thought I would try again and knocked at the door and got someone's attention. The exam by Dr. Kim was very good and was happy with that part. After choosing the lenses I wanted I was unable to pay because your connection with Eye Med wasn't going through. I understand that but was told I would be contacted with the cost and I could pay over the phone. Later in the afternoon I stopped by to see if you had the cost and I could pay. I was told that there was a meeting going on and that I would be called before the end of the day. I wasn't called until the end of the next day. .

January 26, 2016  by   Anonymous

Very friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely return for my yearly exam and contact/glasses purchases.

January 26, 2016  by   Anonymous

Quick, friendly competent service. Up to date equipment in a pleasant environment.

January 24, 2016  by   Anonymous

Clean building, nice staff, quick exam

January 24, 2016  by   Michael W.

Dr. Kim was excellent. Competent and efficient. Staff friendly. Open on weekends.

January 17, 2016  by   James G.

Great place to purchase eyeglasses. Thanks Lenza!

January 17, 2016  by   Cathleen R.

Great ambiance, patient care conversations and glasses selection.

January 17, 2016  by   DANNA L.

They are amazing very professional and care about your eyes well-being. I had a great experience here.

January 13, 2016  by   Jaime P.

I am very satisfied with my visit to Lenza! I love the convenient location and Dr. Kim is amazing!!! She took the time to explain various aspects of my exam and was very personable. I did not feel like she was rushing through my appointment and just ready to move on to the next patient. I appreciated feeling like she really cared about finding me the right prescription!

January 04, 2016  by   David K.

Very friendly and straightforward.

January 03, 2016  by   Anonymous

Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Great experience.

January 03, 2016  by   Annie B.

The entire staff was organized, friendly and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find the best glasses, and contact choice within my proposed budget. They have several updated versions of checking in and reminding you for your appointments which is convenient for those with a busy schedule. Dr. Kim was really sweet and very knowledgeable. Facilities were very clean as well.

December 21, 2015  by   Anonymous

Very nice shop, good selection of frames. Fast service, good communication from Dr. Kim.

December 21, 2015  by   Alan K.

Wonderful helpful staff! Friendly, professional and efficient. And it's a bonus to get your glasses made so quickly.

December 20, 2015  by   Melissa G.

This was by far the best experience I've ever had at an eye doctors! My appointment was for 5:15pm and I went about 45 minutes early to start looking at glasses because I know I would have been there forever picking out a new frame. I signed in and Dr. Kim was able to see me earlier than expected. I was in and out by 5:30! Staff was very friendly the office is very nice, the exam was quick.

December 19, 2015  by   Batool

I had a great experience at Lenza. They had diverse frames to choose from and the one hour turnaround was great! I've received so many compliments from friends and coworkers

December 19, 2015  by   Steve W.

My wife told me of her positive experience at Lenza when she purchased her glasses. I followed her advice and visited Lenza as well. It was a very positive experience. Friendly staff, great selection of frames, customer-centered staff.